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"As an elected official, I have had the opportunity to live and serve the Northeast Texas city of Rockwall as a City Councilman, Mayor and Rockwall County Judge. My duty is to serve all of the people who reside in our County, not just those who voted for me. It is vital for us to preserve our Constitution and remember the teachings' of our Founding Fathers. Together we can have a positive impact for future generations!"


Facts about Development Outside of City Limits

Planning for Today and Tomorrow - The Rockwall County Transportation Consortium

Discussing Codes and Regulations for Lots within Rockwall County

FACTS surrounding Tax Rates within Rockwall County. 

A Commitment to Public Safety  

Strong Record of Conservative Spending of Taxpayers' Dollars and Sound Financial Decisions

Voting Member of the Rockwall County Road Consortium

Voting Member of the Rockwall County Emergency Services Corporation
Continued Emphasis on Growing Transportation Needs
Established Relationships with Elected and Employed Officials throughout Rockwall County
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