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An endorsement is the ultimate public validation that you can provide for Judge David Sweet! Fill out the information below, and join many other public officials and organizations pledging their support for Judge Sweet.

Show Your Public Support by Providing an Endorsement for Judge David Sweet!




Thanks for submitting!

Join Others who are Proud Supporters of David Sweet for County Judge!

Royse City Republican Club
James and Vicki Schaefer
Shawn and Vida Valk
Billy Quinton
Gary and Debra Freedman
Tom and Susan Hughes
Tom and Patti Muggeo
John and Frances White
Stand Melba Jeffus
Jennifer Jeffus
Steve and Crystal Alford
Phillip and Erika Hatfield
Tim and Tammy Sharp
Chris and Ashley Downing
Christi Brewer
Kim Sweet
Larry and Sheri Parks
Kevin and LaSena Hadawi
Don and Marilyn Aragon
John Elsey
Sylvia Kidd
Sam and Madelyn Hill
Mitch Land
Roger Williamson
Brenda Cross
Debbie Branch
Janet Patrick
Karen Straughan
Clay and Janie Butler
Russell and Melva Phillips
Joe and Stephanie Joyce
Dalton Tasset
Karen Coughlin
Steve and Alisha Bridges
Brian and Gladys Keats
Randi Parks
Tom and Ginny Ryan
Kent and Corey Barnett
Steve and Jennifer Slaton
Wes Rogers
Cindy Bivins
Joey Biggerstaff
Joan Parrish
Rhonda Ginsburg
Amanda Jennings
Saralyn Hanford
Adam Tovar
Nate Colbert
Mike Mershawn
Dunham Biles
Harvey Loosier
Shawn House
Sarah Naylor
Kathryn Wacker
Samee Howard
Jane Buie
Howard Haddock
Lauren Chambers
Diane Eller
Brian and Amanda Estes
John and Robin Rath
Frank and Sherri Fite
Deanna Tucker
Katie Tucker
Nancy Parkes
Jessica Metts
Casey Washington
Kelly Woodward
Jim Woodward
Lindsay Mitchell
Kathleen Morrow
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